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If you’re looking for insurance-related services, you’ve come to the right place. Members of the team have been delivering such services for an average of more than 25 years each. If it has anything to do with pretty much anything in property/casualty insurance, we’ve done it, evaluated it, installed it, tested it, interfaced with it, run it, managed it, or ripped and replaced it.

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Interface Development & Support

If you need to connect this system to that one — regardless of their nature — we can build the interfaces. From core systems to back-office applications, external data services, and more, we develop the interfaces. Then we support, monitor, and upgrade them as needed. And we do these things because you probably have better things to do … like run your business.

Data & Reporting

Because we’re experts at insurance, we’re experts at insurance data. And because we’re experts at insurance data, we’re experts at converting it, extracting it, and reporting on it. In fact, we’ve performed more data conversions, developed more custom reporting applications, built more data warehouses, and undertaken more BI initiatives than most of the vendors who specialize in these activities.

Yes. We realize that’s a seemingly bold statement. But if we couldn’t back it up, we wouldn’t state it.

Systems Integration Work

We know what you’re thinking: You’ve just bought a shiny new system. Now you’re going to … well … you’re not quite sure. The vendor from which you bought it may be able to configure it and install it. But the bigger challenge is getting the new system integrated with your existing back-office, customer–facing, and third-party systems and data sources. Your staff members are overwhelmed. And the vendor doesn’t have the resources or expertise.

Hi. We’re glad you called. We’ve been installing and integrating policy, billing, claims, and other systems since before the Reagan administration, before the Human Genome Project began, and before anyone even knew to worry about Y2K.


Since we’re so deeply experienced with insurance processing, we can perform user-acceptance testing, run test cases and scripts, and test changes that weren’t identified in the initial project specs. We also can provide all of the attendant administrative support. And we know the right questions to ask, as well as the answers to those questions. So, whether its policy, claims, billing, or accounting systems — or whether it’s print, stat, or forms services — we’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

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Steve Adams, Co-Founder

Rick Garstka, Co-Founder

At Your Service

Red Hawk is a service company. Our team comprises insurance and IT professionals, including former agents, underwriters, billing specialists, software developers, implementation specialists, and more. No matter what it is, you can throw pretty much anything at us; and we’ll have seen it before. The only thing you can’t do is surprise us.


Steve Adams, co-founder of Red Hawk, is a systems implementer and integrator of enabling technology in the P&C Insurance industry. A serial entrepreneur, Steve enjoyed a successful 30-plus-year career in IT, building strong, motivated teams and collaborative corporate cultures that achieve exceptional results for his clients.

Prior to founding Red Hawk, Steve was Vice President of IT Outsourcing at Blue Cod Technologies, managing a team of IT professionals that implemented and supported the ITO outsourcing arm of Blue Cod. After starting Blue Cod’s outsourcing division, he grew to a $20+ million business.

Steve also helped lead the Covenant Insurance Company, a start-up personal lines insurance company, which grew to over $30 million in direct written premium. Prior to Covenant, he worked for Hanover Insurance, heading their IT Commercial Lines group.

Rick Garstka, co-founder of Red Hawk, is an accomplished MIS professional with more than 30 years of experience in application development and project management. With emphasis on receivables management and financial reporting in the P&C insurance industry, Rick has focused on designing and implementing technology creatively to optimize strategic business opportunities.

Prior to Red Hawk, Rick led a team of IT professionals at Blue Cod Technologies. The team provided Tier 1, 2, and 3 application and technical support to more than 20 insurers and MGAs. In addition to day-to-day support, the group delivered customized, timely, cost-effective IT and business services to satisfy the requirements of a diverse customer base.

Before joining Blue Cod, Rick was the Manager of Operations at AMGRO, Inc., a $120 million premium-finance subsidiary of the Hanover Insurance Group. He also served as a lead developer at Commonwealth Mutual, a start-up personal lines insurance company in Massachusetts.


This site — in fact, Red Hawk and its name — are dedicated to the late Ken Amidon.

A 30-plus-year veteran of the insurance industry, Ken’s career included service to Hanover and Commonwealth Mutual Insurance companies. Closer to home, he was instrumental in the founding of Blue Cod Technologies, at which we all crossed paths.

Every day, Ken inspired us with his generosity, with his love of people, and with his leadership. A lover of all wildlife, he was especially fond of the red hawk. His contagious reverence for it inspired the name of this company. We miss him every day.

You’re with us in spirit always, Ken. We aspire to fly as high as you did.

Ken Amidon: March 23, 1950 – February 14, 2013

Kenneth A. Amidon

Kenneth A. Amidon
3/23/1950 – 2/14/2013

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